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Sleep Counseling Services End Sleep Troubles


I know how difficult insomnia and sleep troubles are and I’m here to help.

I hope the information below answers some initial questions about my Sleep Counseling services:


Sleep Counseling

With an intensive pre-assessment and one-on-one counseling WRW's Sleep Counseling services get you to the heart of your sleep issues, quickly.

We'll work hard together to help you retrieve your best sleep.

We'll also work side-by-side to help you understand what's going on in your life, identify what you like and what you don’t like, and work together to bring about the changes you desire.  Our sessions will empower you, heal you, and allow you to tap into your own creativity, so you can actively participate in changing the sleep troubles that block your best, rejuvenating sleep.

After filling out a thorough 12-page sleep questionnarie, your [often hidden] sleep issues are pin-pointed. You'll receive a complete assessment of your sleep troubles with specifics in what you should do to correct them.

2-hour initial consultation includes:

*One-hour questionnaire pre-review

*One-hour phone session

*Detailed follow-up instructional email. 

Targets include:

* Chronic sleep trouble-spots and hidden problem areas

* Specific and focused solutions to correct what's damaging your slumber

* Possible sleep disorders you should review with your medical doctor

* How your current life needs to change in order to re-gain your best sleep

* Areas and places of further research and sleep help.

Follow-ups:  one-half hour or hourly sessions.

6-Week Sleep Makeover Program

The 6-Week Sleep Makeover Program has helped many sleepless people get their sleep lives back in top working order.

The program includes:

*2-hour initial consultation

*Six 30-minute follow-ups

*Weekly email accessability

*A signed copy of the book, "The Well-Rested Woman."

*Dream analysis is included, if desired.

Sweet-Sleep Makeover Workshop:

Full-day interactive program, 11am to 4pm., limited to 8 people for maximum impact. Covers the Six-Week Sleep Makeover program and topics. Includes one-on-one coaching and all materials.  Dream analysis included.

Corporate and Spa bookings available.

Slumber Parties:

Remember slumber parties? Consider slumber parties for the 21st century.

Gather your girlfriends and commune for two hours around one of femaledom's favorite topics – sleep – or the lack thereof.

(Instead of gossiping about men, the topic will be yearning for slumber. The kind you used to have when you actually gossiped about boys!)

Come ready for sleep-and-spa goodies, such as sleep-inducing and stress-reducing fragrances, candles, relaxing lotions and potions.

Party dress code: we leave that up to you.

A fun, two-hour informal question-and-answer/discussion about sleep. Select list of choice spa and sleep products for purchase.  Hand-outs and hostess gift provided. Minimum 5 persons.  Hostess receives 10% of spa/sleep product sales.  

For information on how to be the first on your block to host such a slumber gathering, contact 714-573-7517 or janet@wellrestedwoman.com for fees and details.

For all the above services please contact:

janet@wellrestedwoman.com or call 714-573-7517 to make an appointment.

Please note: All services are pre-paid through check or Pay-Pal and a 24-hr. cancellation notice is required.



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